4 Ways to Practice Self Love Physically 

Okay so my blog has been about sex and dating, etc. but I’m not going to write about sex if I’m not having any. My inspiration as of late has been self love mentally, emotionally and physically. And today I want to focus on the physical aspect of self love because it is easy to overlook caring for your physical body such as eating healthy, hobbies, talking to friends, when you’re busy. Then we have our sexual being. Maybe for some of you, this is not a problem, you have a sexual partner(s) that  fulfill your needs. Maybe you want to explore a more personal satisfaction. The body is an amazing creation that is actually pretty easy to tap in. Here are some tips for some solo satisfaction no porn needed.

Tantric Massage 

Also known as an erotic massage. It’s the art of the sensual touch for arousal or to bring sexual pleasure. Our skin is the most overlooked and underrated organ of the body. Skin should be apart of our sexual stimulation and exploring that is an exciting thing. The massage involves touching every part of your body including your yoni (vagina). It’s especially important to notice the parts of your body that arouses you the most such as you nipples or your inner thigh. Spend some more time touching and rubbing those spots. Last but not least be sure to breathe full deep breaths while you’re exploring. So Reaching in deep through your nose and out through your mouth, this keeps your body open and your mind focus on your body and the sensations you should be in tune with.

My favorite step by step guide is from Mind Body Green and Devi Ward Tantra. Their methods worked perfect for me while I first started out. Ultimately my goal was to reconnect with myself and not rely on porn to get off! 


What I love about sex toys are that they’re catered to everybody. But if you’re single like yours truly, toys are a great way to fulfill any fantasy. Im not going to go into detail on toys since I’m saving that for another post but here are the types of toys I love for making orgasms.

  • Clit & G spot vibrator 
  • Wand Vibrator
  • Clitoral Stimulator
  • Love Egg Vibrator
  • Rabbit Vibrator

Erotic Stories 

I had to include a good ole sex story because nothing is better than using your imagination versus watching a porn video. The only reason why I believe this is great because reading allows you to build to the orgasm you want. If you read the mind body green article I linked, the most important part of getting to the best part is to allow yourself to slowly get to the orgasm. Porn is more of a quickie for me but a good story with descriptive writing and a good plot makes me “slowly” horny. Check out Sex Stories and Literotica.

Water Play

My go to when I don’t have time to myself is water play. Water play for those who don’t know is simply using the water for clitoris stimulation. After a long day I like to light a candle make sure my tub in clean and just lay in the tub while the shower is on and you know the rest ;). It’s even better when you have a removable shower head.  The warmth from the water is so relaxing. It’s a perfect scenario for a uninterrupted pleasurable time.

Overall, find time time explore your body and you may just discover something amazing like a mind blowing orgasm. Also, be sure to do your own research as far as techniques and try them out til you find you’re match.

If you have any tips or suggestions feel free to let me know I’m the comments below.


I’m Pregnant…

I was not in any way prepared for the change that has engulfed my whole life. Jr. and I had a wonderful weekend when we met and that resulted in 13 weeks of drastic decision making, feeling terminally ill and finally regaining my strength. I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum aka severe morning sickness. I had to quit my job, dropped two classes and spent precious time laying on the couch feeling like a true lazy ass piece of shit.
My mother knew instantly that I was pregnant but breaking it to her just added to the frustration and pure shock that I was enduring. I’m barely passing the 3 classes I decided to stick it out in and I’m broke with bills that are due in December. The hardest part of the 1st trimester was the mental weakness and torment that I dealt with every second my eyes was open. People around me who knew just didn’t understand what I was going through, not even my mother.
Fortunately for her she didn’t have to go through severe morning sickness being pregnant with me. She had no trouble expressing her frustration with me quitting my job while she was working hard at her job everyday. “Just because I’m working at home, doesn’t mean my job is easy. You don’t clean the kitchen; you don’t do anything, you not even at school full time. You really need to snap yourself out of this mental torment you have and force yourself to do something.” Only if it were that easy, I thought. My brain turned mush and my body was too heavy for me to get up. I spent the only energy I had throwing up everything I tried to eat and the only time I felt good was when I slept. It was torture enough to never want to be pregnant again. Jr. living 400 miles away in the military can’t really be supportive so I just counted down the days until I could be myself again.
Days turned into weeks and now I’m able to eat more, I have more energy and I’m really happy about my baby growing in my belly! Jr. and I have come a long way in the relationship and I can’t believe that through all the hardships and distance between us I still love him. We’re planning on getting married so we can be together for the little one. Everything is rushed but I want to do what’s best. He wants to do what’s best as well and I’m so proud that he’s willing to step up so unexpectedly.

I never thought I would be in this place. But I’m warming up to the idea.

And Just As the Seasons Changed…

My feelings for this guy are non existent
As simple as the flowers began to bloom on the trees
I’m beginning to allow the love for myself to bloom once again
And I can look and smile at him with no restriction in my chest
I can to talk to him like I talk to everyone else
I’m free to the hopes of someone else
Instead of being confined in a prison that I made personally for myself
The torture I felt just the other day



Stuck in a sound proof room
The main attraction sealed doom
Lights shut as if I’m ended abruptly
Praying to God it ends soon
Tired of being awake
Ready to meet the glorious fate
Screaming bloody murder
Hope to make the earthquake
You shattered what was left
The good parts you kept
Said you would’ve return
Never second guessed to you’re theft
Go head cry your eyes
Realize all your lies
But you will never know how it feels to built up again
Now I’m the golden prize