Rose colored glasses

Separate her body from reality 

In this dimly lit room
She’ll drink your wine 
And let her mind die
While her heart swells inside
You could do no harm 
Through these rose colored glasses 
Your warm hues intice her like pheromones 
You’re magic through smoke screens
surreal like a dream 
A mere pixilation of the perfect fantasy 
She said you could do no harm 
Like a mantra in her head 
You could do no harm 
You could do no har
You could do no ha
You could do no h
You could do no
You could do n 
You could do…
5 years it took 
Enough to shatter them rose colored glasses 
will take a life time to fix
Like a 50 year old fiend
Weakened by the memory of…
 (2015, Shani)

Men and Their Expectations

Let me show you how real I am 
Let me reveal to you the insecurities in which I dwell deep in
Let me prove to you that my true self is still beautiful
Without out the makeup, the fake hair, the fancy clothes
Let me make you smile with my laughter
Let me make you warm with my touch
Let me prove to you there’s still good in this world
Only if you accept me for who I am
Let me help you believe in yourself
Only if you lift me up from the insecurities in which I dwell deep in
Let me love you unconditionally
Only if you love me unconditionally.
Shani Davis

Dancing in the Dark

I’m in love with this part of you
Give me your all when the sun goes down
I’ve found reason in you
Even though you’re you is never around
what we have is taboo
But it satisfies me in a foreign way
And you don’t degrade
You serenade me, you dance with me
So when the moon shines you can find me
Dripping in anticipation – excitement, waiting for you – hungry
for you to walk pass me with that look in your eyes
watching me – hungry
There’s a magnetic force that molds our bodies into one
A feeling so surreal, I’m hooked
I’m addicted to dancing in the dark with you

Lust( I Think I Know Where My Demons Lie)

One of the strongest weaknesses
When left to her own devices
turn into the greatest vices
Resulted in losing herself
Satisfied as She digs deeper
She lays in cold dark pit
And watches crumbles of the earth fall on her body
Her suffocation is utter bliss
Because She lost her discernment
She lost her mind

Ignoring all the signs
With every man She lays
Humanizing them with every mistake they made
And the secrets they hide
their dirty secrets they lie
To take her energy for their personal high
And when it’s all out they leave her to go
On to the next girl sucking more golden souls
And that’s just the way it goes…