my biggest regret

From stomach butterflies and warm summer evenings body heat dripping sweat of lust and infatuation, excitement of a sexual connection to winter dark skies and cold sleepless nights memories of you grow deeper in the midnight hour and as I suffocate myself under thick blankets crying is the only temporary relief you are my biggest […]

4 Ways to Self Care Sexually 

So my blog has been about dating and finding love but my inspiration as of late has been self-love mentally, emotionally and physically. I want to focus on the sexual aspect of self-love in this post because it’s easy to overlook caring for your physical body. Heterosexually, it is culturally and socially frowned upon for […]

Rose colored glasses

  Separate her body from reality  In this dimly lit room She’ll drink your wine  And let her mind die While her heart swells inside You could do no harm  Through these rose colored glasses  Your warm hues intice her like pheromones  You’re magic through smoke screens surreal like a dream  A mere pixilation of […]