Avoiding the Dogs

“Get your lil sexy ass up girl. I’ll make it worth it, trust me…” His voice echoed in my mind when I read his text, wonder what the fuck he thinks this is. Who the fuck he thinks I am. He’s a stranger to me, someone who although I’ve been texting for the past couple weeks, I’ve yet gotten to know who he truly is. Meet Jay, 27, found him on tinder (which he actually deleted) and when I first seen his picture and description I was immediately interested. 6’0, half and half, he’s got that rugged light skin minus the pretty boy look, which I love. Oh and he sells vacuums, which I find a little suspect but not gonna be judgmental. Originally from Boston which was a plus for me because I love them dominant. He moved to Sacramento reasons I have no idea of other than his friends live out here. He has no family out here. Besides of the little things I know about him, he raised a huge red flag for me today.

While I was laying down he invited me to meet him at the park that happened to be down the street from me. I was lazy this morning and decided to turn him down on the idea and mentioned that I just want to lay in my bed and masturbate. In good ole’ Jade fashion, I didn’t even realize how I turned the conversation into something sexual. In no time he decided to invite me to his work van, where we would have sex. He was very up front about what he wanted. That turned me all the way off.

“I got a van I can pick U up in and we can have a lil bit of fun lol.”
“You’d love that. My work van lol sounds creepy I know lmfao.”
“But since we don’t have place to kick it.”

Automatically, things got awkward. He then invited me to his place which is 30 mins away from where we were both at. I realized that this guy was adamant on seeing me after my ignorant statement. I was really into this guy and was disappointed that he was ruining everything text after text. I tried to save him by letting him know how I wanted us to work. I tried to explain how I don’t have sex with strangers and “I’d rather get to know you by going out on dates first.” He acknowledged it, but he was persistent. It angered me especially since I let it go on for hours, trying to string him along but at the end of the day a dog is going to be a dog. Time passed and my assumption is that he got tired and stopped texting me.

I’m so glad that I’m satisfied with that. There was a time that I wasn’t. I’m now at a place where I’m understanding but not willing to give any chances.


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