Flaws Are Not Flaws at All.


I sketched and basked in my brownness; scars and all. You can’t see them in the picture but have all these round scars all over my body from a bad case of eczema. Let’s just say don’t live in a moldy place or better yet a basement. As I moved back to my moms house in California from NYC, I did a lot of healing, it’ll be a year next month and I’ve really grown to love myself all over again. For the longest time I hated taking pics because of my insecurities, but I’m getting better as long as my scars don’t show of course.
The lady with the freckles…
I was compelled to drawing her with freckles that were natural because the freckled face is newly hot and people are tattooing to get the look. Yep, people are tattooing dots on their face. I don’t knock it but at the same time I’m not going to go out of my way to achieve a look that is naturally given by God.
Speaking of God last month he gave me a beauty mark below my left eye next to the bridge of my nose. I remember waking up to wash my face and seeing it there thinking it was a scar but realized I got a new beauty mark and it was right before my birthday. I did a little dance and gave props to God that morning; I’ve always wanted a beauty mark on my cheek. Honestly if you think about wanting freckles hard enough and even pray about you could wake up with splatter of them on your face if God feels like he wants to upgrade your aesthetic.

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