An Empath is a highly sensitive person who can deeply perceive emotions in other people and feel what they feel

I use that word empath loosely because I’ve yet to figure out where it is derived from. I don’t call myself a Christian necessarily but I do believe in God and the Bible, and feel that psychic abilities are witch craft. Doing a little research on this pattern I’ve been experiencing led me to many websites that dealt with practices such as psychics, voodoo and other things I’m not attracted to. I’ve actually known about having high levels of empathy for some time and assumed I was very intuitive, highly analytical and super sensitive but it’s more; it’s been so overwhelming for me I had to find answers.

I can physically feel what others are feeling and I can sense who it is and what that person is going through without them telling me. I also get overwhelmed in large crowds, have random strong emotions, restriction of the chest, the list goes on. It all started when I was dating in 2010 and every time I was around the guy I was involved with, I wouldn’t feel right as if there was a little voice in my head telling me “no, he’s no good run away,” but of course I stayed and I learned to ignore it until everything blew up in my face. It’s always been inexpiable and to many people I was mysterious, as if I was hiding something, or stuck up as if I thought I was better than them.

As I look back a lot of major life changing moments in my life I realized that random little thing is more than what I thought it was. Connection has always been an important aspect of my relationships and I’ve always been spiritual but I feel like I’m closer to knowing me. I always assumed it was a guardian angel, or God himself warning me and it could be but the older I got, the more physical it became, and now right before my 23rd birthday God has revealed a piece of the puzzle to me for me to figure out my purpose and truly understand who I am. For the past 5 years out of high school on my journey to self discovery each year I learned something major about myself…

1. Writing is my passion

2. I care for peoples well being

3. I am an emotional and its okay

4. I am a natural leader

5. I am an empath

It amazes me to know that God has a plan for me as long as I seek for Him and choose Him. Good and worse, I have a story that I will one day share with the world word for word in hopes that I can inspire and bring light to people who are lost like me. Every time I think about it I get teary eyed because I think “me?” I’ve never done anything to make my parents proud, I’ve never been the brightest one, or the outspoken one; no qualities I carry are the qualities cherished by man kind specifically my family. I read in an article that empaths are silent achievers. I feel that there is something great for me in the life God has planned for me as long as I continue to humble my self. The journey to understanding empathy continues and I’ll be writing more about it on my blog.

Are you an empath? click here


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