Dating Outside the Box

My mom had a serious convo with me the other day. She said I should start dating outside my race. She doesn’t believe that the next black guy I date is going to treat me right. I don’t blame her, all my relationships ended because of abuse, neglect, cheating or all three. My only good relationship was with a preachers son who is a closeted gay because he treated me with respect but we didn’t have sex soo..

I told her I’m not closed to dating outside my race. I’ve dated a white guy. But I just don’t know about white guys, they can be really uncomfortable to me…

This white guy I dated for 2 weeks was this 27 year old dj from manhattan who “never dated a white girl in his life” I just couldn’t, it rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. Everything about him screamed I have a fetish. He was so pushy about hooking up and I didn’t want to have sex with him and then he proceeded to tell me that he’d find another black girl in Brooklyn anyway. I was just glad I didn’t fuck him, his spirit was just nasty.

This whole dating thing has been messing me up. Wondering if I should try something else…I’m attracted to all races, so why do I only date black guys? Im really hanging on for black love and I told her that I want to have black kids and I don’t believe finding happiness with a guy resorts to dating outside my race but she really does and that bothers me.

But I’m going to try to be more open minded because at the end of the day I’ll be dating someone that treats me right. if he’s Asian cool (she really wants me to date an Asian). If he’s black I did it! But that white guy kinda messed it up for me so idk bout that lol.


5 thoughts on “Dating Outside the Box

  1. Don't do it sis! There's nothing wrong with you. The black man is your natural soul mate. All this brainwashing by the mainstream media has confused our people. I just don't understand why your mother would push you to date interracial. I find that very odd. But just have faith that you'll find the right black man for you. I know he's out there. Be careful of these white boys that have a sick fetish. Many see black women has some type of Amazon exotic beauty with a big ass! They just want to screw you and move on to the next one! Most of them like that usually do have a nasty spirit! You were right on target with your assessment. I've had other sistas tell me white boys say the craziest things to them. It's always something nasty and sexual.
    You should read this book:
    It gave me a very different perspective on “color blind” I think you'll find it very educational. I did!


  2. if he's white he has to be extremely progressive and smoke herb, if not it could be risky….black dudes get a bad rap. It's good brothas out there….that good spirit ish is real, the key is to look into someone's eyes, if you don't see the twinkle don't f****s with them lol.


  3. Although not every white man is that way I'm sure that is exactly what happens with the white men I've talked to. The reason my mom feels that way is from hurt. Kind of that if you can't beat them join them mentality.


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