Vaginal Selfies

“I gotta go uhh just uhh text me later.” He says nervously and hangs up.
Days later and still no response. I sat all day trying figure out what I did wrong. Me and this new guy have been texting back and forth for about a week and things seemed cool.

Everything about him appeared to be what I was interested in and I got a feeling that he was interested too. What I loved is that he was upfront about not looking for a relationship. I agreed with him; I’m not looking for any commitments myself and figured this could work out.

So we got to the part, the nude part. He sent me a picture of his dick first. Then he asked me for a pic so I sent him a picture of my vagina while we were on the phone. I figured since I seen his dick he should see my vagina and I believed that chased him away by doing so. As amusing as this is, I learned a valuable lesson…guys don’t want to see a girls vagina in a picture although they send pictures of their penis. What a double standard. Besides I don’t think it’s weird that I take pictures of my vagina. Or is it weird?


4 thoughts on “Vaginal Selfies

  1. Funny story. But those pics are NEVER deleted. All pics on your cell phones are stored into a database by the government. ALL pics. So the dick/vagina selfies are not a good look. I do think it's a bit weird though. I don't send pics like that over the phone. But I guess we're all different right?lol


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