She opened the door with sweet rum on her lips in lust in her eyes

It was 102 degrees on that cold rainy night

Pop. slap. mmmmm…

Air moist of infatuation saturated in the room

Scented vanilla wax candles melting away

Bodies intertwined wrapped as if it were that way

Love and warmth like honey and milk

Two bodies floating together smoother than silk

Flowing down the rapid rivers

Into her waters so deep her body quivers

Love is the way he holds her when the madness dies down

And he caresses her skin so smooth and deep brown

And he stares in her eyes so everlasting and strong

Then in a blink of an eye he was gone

That reality hit her as soon as he left

The strong feelings she had for a while is now dead

Along with the denial that she had felt

Forever they will be the two who’s hearts never met


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