Taboo? Dating Shorter Men

I’m your average tall girl who complains about a variety of things that tall girls deal with in life.

“I can’t find jeans that are long enough for me.”
“Everyone thinks I’m either a model or basketball player.”
And the one some of us aren’t willing to admit…
“I can’t date a man shorter than me because it’ll make me look like a giant.”

I can’t speak for every tall girl but growing up a tall girl took a toll on my self-esteem. Then once I transcended into the beautiful life of women hood thick skin was formed, I gained wisdom and now I have no insecurities about my height. I absolutely love the attention it brings daily. The only thing that still bothers me is dating a man who is shorter than me. It has become the number one dating requirement. As shallow as that seems I have a perfectly good explanation.

Short men are infamous for having a short fuse or they are really macho. Now I can’t speak for all short men but I dated one. He was 5’5 and he was so insecure about me and my height. He would say how I looked like a man because my hair was short and my boobs were small. After I broke up with him I realized that it was his insecurities talking and since then I decided to date taller men only. If I ever decide to date a shorter man they would have to have very high self-esteem like Samantha from Sex in the City who dated that really short man (if you remember that episode hahaha). Unfortunately, the way life is women like their men to be bigger than them. It’s a masculine thing, it’s a sexual thing, and it’s a mental thing. It’s just the way it is.



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