I’m Going to Be Happy Again, I Promise.

How do you get back up from falling hard? I’m 22 and I’m back in my mother’s house with no job, no car, and no education. I’ve been dealing with health issues but aside from that, I feel so bored. Moving from an exciting Brooklyn with tons to do is a huge adjustment for anyone. Hell moving anywhere from what you know is a huge adjustment although I’ve lived here in Sacramento before. My high school friends and I we’ve grown apart and gone our separate ways. So my life has been consisting of applying to jobs, setting myself up for the local college and being an extreme homebody. I hate everything about Sacramento, but I’m learning to deal with the lack of public transportation as well as the lack of culture and excitement. Also! Nobody gets my sense of humor or the way I dress…I don’t know, I’m probably going to have to move to San Francisco. How can one possibly live somewhere where they’re not happy?



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