Missed Connections

When I’m really bored I have this habit of going on craigslist and looking through the missed connections section just to see what people are saying, because it’s so cute but it’s stupid that they think they can connect with a girl or guy the stared at for 3 hours at the local Starbucks but never talked to.  Regardless I’m a sucker for seeing what people have to say and I’m not sure if anyone really connected off of craigslist but I found this poem by a guy. I believe he was in his 30s and he saw a girl at some drug store, I really don’t remember but this is what he wrote…

Am I never to know

The Path
The Taste of Your Lips

Your Mouth

The Feel of You?

The Breath of You?

Am I to Never Know

One side of me is like aww I’m a sucker for deep, passionate, poetic, love, while the other side is like oh shut the fuck up you’re lying! You just want a softy for romance girl to email you back in admiration, then to trap her and make her your sex slave! I mean craigslist does not have a good rep, but aside everything it’s a really nice poem. I wonder who the man behind this poem is…



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