I am a hyper-sexualized figure
When I walk into a room they will stop and stare…at my ass
Men will bark at me in the streets
Girlfriends and wives will jab their guys in rib cages every time I pass hips swaying back straight
beautiful queen without a king raising three kids
fully clothed but naked from dirty eyes
and dirty thoughts because of what we are
our signature pose is where the picture can’t even see our faces
Our ass is the main attraction where we are the freaks that dance in the videos
never to be the leading lady sitting pretty
We are to be used not treasured
and to think this goes back to slavery where a brown-skinned woman with a huge ass was a spectacle
So go ahead continue the legacy
Make that money
Hyper-sexualized figure
Brown skinned woman



3 thoughts on “BSW

  1. This touches me deeply. As I am a brown skinned women with a big ass. The amount of comments I deal with on a daily from old men who have forgotten how to respect their Queens is ridiculous. We are hyper sexualised and the behaviour causes such a distrust and dim view of men who think and behave this way. the story of Sarah Baartman (Hottentot Venus) still pains me to this day. Great poem. Thank you for sharing


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