Texting is not Dating Texting is not Dating Texting is not Dating Texting is…

Not dating. I’ve been repeatedly saying this to myself to calm my frustration down from waiting by my phone for a text back. My mind goes wild and I really can’t seem to understand why I get so upset when there isn’t a flow of communication between me and him as if he is not interested in me although I know he is. Or maybe this is some tactic he’s using to make me like him more by playing hard to get. Or maybe he’s hiding behind his phone, only willing to text when the conversation is light by asking me what I’m doing every couple of minutes and when the conversation goes somewhere great, he cuts it off by not replying for a couple hours. Or could it be that he only texts when he is really available, as if he has a busy life to live, nope not really? Am I crazy? That maybe I have nothing better to do than sitting around waiting for him, wondering what he is doing. Or maybe I’m just insecure, or he’s trying to play me. I’ve searched on the internet for the answer to calm my insanity and all I got were “How to seem desperate” or “how to text a guy you like.” Why is there even a guideline on that shit? I should be able to text him right back and text him again even though he didn’t text me back, I know I’m not going to text him 20 times back to back begging him to talk because there’s nothing you can do to make a guy like you, if he’s interested, he’s interested.

Texting is not dating, texting is exactly what it is texting something that should be done casually and should have no intense impact on anyone’s relationship.


Texting seems to be the only known form of communication when “dating” someone and I feel like texting has messed things up for relationships, that and social networking. Texting is saying that  I should fall head over heels for this guy because he texts me good morning/ afternoon because that means that he is thinking about me and he really cares. No. Texting is also telling me that I don’t need to have long phone conversations about what really matters because texting takes up less energy and is an easier way to get to know someone.  Bullshit. I want to talk to him for long hours where we get to share stories about our past, and who’s our favorite auntie and how we feel about the news in the world and who we hope to become one day. Texting can’t do that.


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