Happy Holidays! Ready for a New Year

This Christmas wasn’t too festive. I spent the whole day sleeping and watching movies I forgot to see when they were released. Overall it was a very productive day and I’m officially counting down the days to the new year, I can’t wait. There’s something about a new year that brings hope and even accomplishment. For one I’m still alive and well which is truly a blessing.Two I get to start fresh. It’s a cliche because every year I go through this sense of newness and second chances but I can’t help but hope things will be better the year after. Life isn’t easy and everyone should be proud and thankful for making it through 2013 especially for those who may have lost someone or had a big life change.

There’s a lot in this world that we can’t even comprehend. I can spend my life away thinking of this universe’s possibilities; being here is the biggest mystery but we’re here and the most important thing is to live it to the fullest and I mean that in the most positive, fulfilling way. “YOLO” personally isn’t for me. I’ve been down the yolo life before the word yolo existed and it was a huge setback for me but I digress, 2014 should be all about positivity and light in midst of this chaotic world we’re living in. I would love to experience more warmth around me and less pain. I want to be more selfless and less bitter. The only good thing about aging everyday is that we’re constantly evolving; growing wiser and stronger. I’m only 22 and I can say as I’m sitting here typing this, I’ve left a lot of bad habits and baggage behind. Although I have a long way to go, I feel it deep in my core that things are truly going to be better this go around. I hope you all feel the same way.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!



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